Games, Games, Games and more Games

Over the past few montsh I have been playing lots of online games. So I have decided to post a huge load of links to some of the best games that I found, so enjoy, in no specific order:

Guide the lemming type sleepwalking people to the portals with sand. Gets more difficult but a lot of fun.

Hapland 1,2 & 3:
A frustrating puzzle with lots of stickmen.

A Huge collection of games, you will be here for hours, some of them are a but tricky to get the hang of.

Move the block around to get rid of them. Challenge your mind!
Mansion Impossible:
Raise the cash to get the mansion. A fun clicking game.

Tonypa’s Games:
A huge collection of games, takes a while to get used to the style but then highly addicitve.

Jedi Trainer:
Learn to weild a lightsabre like a Jedi. A little doddgy programming wise, but still fun none the less.


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