Multitouch User Interface

Absoluetly awesome!

A futuristic multitouch user interface, presented by Jeff Han a research scientist for NYU’s Media Research Lab.

Watch it on Youtube 

Thanks to Grafnic to DB for finding this.


Google Apps for your Domain

Google released Google Apps for your domain. It’s currently in beta and is aimed to let organizations give every user at your domain access to Gmail (Google Mail).

You will be able to provide your users with Google favourites such as: GMail, Google Calendar, Google Talk and Google Page creator.

Check it out now: Google Apps for your domain.

Great Games from Etnies

Great graphics and great fun to play.

Play games at

Google Earth on Five

Just a little thing I noticed while watching Five News in the UK. When Five showed locations around the world they used Google Earth.

Just thought that was interesting and that people would like to know that random bit of information.

Font Tester

Font Tester, is an online comparison tool, that allows you to preview and compare fonts with different font style side by side.

It’s a great tool to use (especially for web designers/developers) if you instantly want to see what certain fonts will look like together. It’s fast, incredibly easy to use and free, and is a nice little tool to have floating about. So check out the font tester.

The is hiring

Sound pretty cool. If your interested go to the website.

Air Goggles Beta

Goggles is a flight simulator that uses images from Google Maps.

You control a little plane and fly around famous locations such as London, Tokyo or New York ,try it for yourself, at GoggleBeta.
Thanks go to Nige, on the DB forum, for finding this.