More Games for Girls Please!

According to a senior Executive at Electronic Arts, the video game industry is failing women. EA said if they could crack the problem of women not playing games then they could add a very nice billion dollars to its sales.

As a girl who likes to play games, I would say the games I enjoy playing are RPGs such as Kingdom Hearts, puzzle type games and simulation games such as The Sims. So don’t get me wrong, I like the odd shoot ’em up game. But that’s as far as it will probably go. Personally I do think the game industry could go better to get more women to play games.

For example I spoke to my friends about this (all of them also girls) and asked them why they weren’t that interested in playing games, one said that it “wasn’t for lack of interest it was just that all games seemed to be about war, blood and shooting people, i’d prefer to play a game that was challenging but doesn’t require us having to beat the crap out of someone or doesn’t involve either of the world wars.”
Another said she would rather “just get the dance mat out and play on that with my friends”.

So I guess it’s not a matter of us girlies not wanting to play games only that the type of games we want to play don’t exist or are pretty rare to come by.

My fav game is Kingdom Hearts, (I wish they would hurry up and release Kingdom Hearts 2 over in Europe).

What’s your favourite game (boys as well as girls)?


2 Responses to “More Games for Girls Please!”

  1. Justin Says:

    Any games that I’ve ever liked have been MMORPG’s like Ultima Online, and in fact all of the Ultima series. I love those old style RPG’s. I haven’t played many games lately, I’ve been way too busy with other stuff and I don’t think I’ll be playing any, anytime soon.

    Awesome new theme Maz, it was about time 😀

  2. Maz Says:

    ive noticed that as ive got older, ive had less time for games.

    new theme –> yeah i thought i needed a bit of a spring clean! I prefer this one as well, its not as green as the last one.

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