I Won a Scholarship

I won a scholarship at university today, £500! It was totally unexpected, congratulations to everyone else at City who also got their scholarships and congrats to lenny who got the £1000 scholarship.

The assisstant dean goes “this money is strictly for your studies”, now what shall I spend it on?

Just staying with Uni as my subject area for the moment, it’s going ok, i’m making friends, winning money – apart from the fact that i’ll probably be failing the autumn term. What the hell was I think doing an Engineering degree? I haven’t done maths or any scince related subject since my G.C.S.Es and now they want us to do phyiscs! Well at least I now know about binaries, they are so much more easier than I thought they were.


New to Ruby? Go Here First!

So i’ve bought a book hoping to learn ruby and rails, but I got a little bored so I thought I would see what was available on the web.

I came across this site, tryruby, in your browser. It’s a series of short tutorials that lets you use ruby in your browser, I learnt a few basic functions in a matter of minutes, so I highly recommend it, check it out now.

URL: http://tryruby.hobix.com/

New Nano and Shuffle

UPDATE: The Gadget Show on channel five featured a review of the new ipod nano, comparing it with the Samsung YP-Z5 and the Sansa e260 from Sandisk, the new nano came out on top, ill try finding the actual review on video but for now you can read the review on the gadget show website.

So Apple have ‘remastered’ their Nano and shuffle ipods. Though some people may be pleased that the new Nanos come in several different colours now, I think they look kinda ugly, maybe its because I think that the ipod mini looked ugly. The shuffle looks kinda neat though, a nice little clip on mp3, very discrete I would assume. (Check out the nano gallery and shuffle gallery) I have to get down to my local Apple store and try these out.

It looks like the new ipod nanos will only come in (puke) green, pink, grey and blue on the 4GB Nano, the 2GB in grey and the 8GB in black (check out the specs).

Apple have also luacned itunes version 7 so don’t forget to check that out!

New ipod Shuffle


New ipod Nanos


Battlestar Galactica Webisodes

For those of you having trouble wathcing the Battlestar Galactica webisodes on scifi.com, then you can check them out on youtube, everytime i try to watch them on scifi.com it says the video will not load. You can check out webisode 1 of the resistance here and webisode 2 here.

There will be further websidoes released at midnight on Tuesday and Thursday, up until series/season 3 of Galactica starts. So check them all out before then.

I Do Apologise

Sorry for the lack of posts, the reason being Well i’ve been pretty busy over the last few weeks, I will be starting a new chapter in my life over the next few weeks, as I will be starting at City University in North London.
I’m looking forward to it, but am more nervous at the moment (about making friends, whether I will be able to do the work, my finances – that sort of thing).

I’ve also got a project going on at work, I volunteered to design the in-branch newsletter for Waitrose. I wish I hadn’t now, due to my design skills being
pretty much that of a ten year old. (At least if I do a good job i’ll get paid)
but it should be good experience for me, plus something to put on my CV.

I’ll probably do a post about it when they give me the specification, i’ve
got this really awful feeling in the pit of my stomach that they are going
to want me to design it in Microsoft Publisher, i’m praying that this will not
be the case.

How come when the time comes around for me to start something important everything else important comes up as well.
I have had three/four months to do anything I wanted since I finished my A-Levels, since then I’ve pretty much done nothing but now i’m starting Uni, i’ve decided to start learning to driving, take on this project for work and redo my website (not going well at the moment, CSS floats and selectors can be a ruddy pain in the backside).
What the hell is wrong with me? I’ve really got to get my priorities in order otherwise it will all just get on top of me! 

Ohhh Sneaky!

My brother is so sneaky hiding the second series/season of Battlestar Galactia from me!

EDIT: Finished watching it a few days ago, absoluelty brilliant!