Windows Vista Released

Microsoft have released their new operating system. Vista, the new OS is the upgrade from XP, this version of the OS has been in development for five years and has been plauged with some problems, but some remain hopeful that Vista will do well.

Vista will only be released to businesses as of today and come the new year will be released for private use.

Visit the Vista and Microsoft Homepages.


UK Apple Stores One Day Event

On Friday1st December all Apple stores in the UK will be putting on a one day event aimed at helping pick out the best Apple Gifts for Chrsitmas.

There will be live musical performances and DJ’s playing at every store, seems like a great opportunity and an excuse to get some great Apple stuff, I unfortunately will not be able to go as I will be at uni, then going straight to work.

But if anyone else is planning on going tell me about it when you’ve been.

Heres a list of all the UK stores:

  • London Brent Cross,
  • London Regent Street,
  • Birmingham Bullring,
  •  Kent Bluewater,
  • Manchester Arndale Centre,
  • Manchester Trafford Centre
  • Sheffield Meadowhall.

You can check out the details on the Apple UK site here.

Been working on some tuts

I’ve been working on some CSS tutorials for the blog, while juggling some uni work and in the process I decided to host the CSS tutorials I have done on my site Twilight Town. I have put the tutorials in like a subsection of the site called Twilight Town Tutorials.

So from now on when I post tutorials on here I will also post them on my site, where they will be a bit more colourful and possibly graphical (depending on how much time I have). It’s just a basic site that I whipped up in a short while that uses simple CSS (I was having withdrawal symptoms of not doing any html/CSS coding in a while).

My site Twilight Town is still under construction, i’ve been too busy lately to do anything with it. So hopefully come the Christmas holidays I should have something up there and should get back to regular posting on this blog as well.

Linkage: Twilight Town

Twilight Town Tutorials

Sony Admits glitches in new console

Sony have admitted backwards compatabily issues with their newly realease playstation 3. Sony admits that some older games are having problems with either audio or graphics.

They did however offer to fix these glithes via online upgrades, the problems are affecting sony estimates around 200 games.


Learning C with Dev C++

At University i’ve been learning C and yes I have been finding it difficult, I find the lectures on C to be some of the most boring ever, there is alot to learn in a short space of time. But anyway I downloaded Dev C++, and I have to say I love this program. It’s pretty easy to use and I was coding withing seconds of it being installed.

I highly recommend this program, for beginners anyway, it may look a little windows 97, but at least all the stuff you will need is there (compiler etc).

Now i can start using C at home and not have to rely on myself being at uni coding mundane code into the hours of the night.

Dev C++ is in beta at the moment, I downloaded Dev C++ version 4, which you can find here (scroll down for the latest stable version).


Downloading rubbish

Just got to get this off my chest, why do people who don’t no much about computers or the internet always download so much rubbish. Now, i’m going to have to spend time getting rid of all the rubbish.


Winners 4 Doodle 4 Google 2006 Announced

This blog post is on coverage from the 2006 Doodle 4 Google Competition, please visit the 2007 web page for the Doodle 4 Google competition here.

The Winners for Doodle4Google 2006 has been announced, you can check out the winning entries on the Doodle4Google website.

Check out the winning doodles below, and congratulations to you if your a winner.

View larger version

View larger version

View larger version