Winners 4 Doodle 4 Google 2006 Announced

This blog post is on coverage from the 2006 Doodle 4 Google Competition, please visit the 2007 web page for the Doodle 4 Google competition here.

The Winners for Doodle4Google 2006 has been announced, you can check out the winning entries on the Doodle4Google website.

Check out the winning doodles below, and congratulations to you if your a winner.

View larger version

View larger version

View larger version


14 Responses to “Winners 4 Doodle 4 Google 2006 Announced”

  1. louise age 12 Says:

    i think this is a really good idea for having the whole competition and i am going to enter my self but welll done to thoses people who have got there picture on the site hopefully see mine there bye xxxxxx

  2. louise barber age 12 Says:

    hello im back i think this is really good and i am entering and well done to every one and i especially like the one with the scone xxxxxx bye love louise barber

  3. Mahek age 9 Says:

    i think this compotishion is well gd!

  4. lola Says:

    i realy like the pictures espeacially the one with the big ben. hopefully myn will be there soon!

  5. Brittany Says:

    i think the doodles are great and i think i will enter. if i do i really hope to see my doodle here soon. +++++++ Lov Brittany

  6. hannah Says:

    i entered for 08 so i hope i win

  7. alex Says:

    Ya i am entering for 2008
    doing Universal Music as a topic

  8. Alexandra Says:

    im entering for 08 to it is gonna get me far i konw

  9. emily Says:

    wow. i think its beautiful

  10. maqadus Says:

    omg i think this competition iss really good …. most of theses pictures are awesome. this years theme is “what i wish for the world ” i wish a lot of really good things for the world .. i htink this year ill try it out 🙂

  11. flyffer Says:

    all these doodles are cool!! i think i will try it out too!!

  12. taylor Says:

    oh ya big ben is awsome

  13. Jon Says:

    Hmmm xD i did drew a pic in school and today my teacher said that i won in the speakers in the school but do we have to write a paragragh?

  14. sahil Says:

    wow. i think its beautiful. all these doodles are cool!! i think i will try it out too!!

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