Learning C with Dev C++

At University i’ve been learning C and yes I have been finding it difficult, I find the lectures on C to be some of the most boring ever, there is alot to learn in a short space of time. But anyway I downloaded Dev C++, and I have to say I love this program. It’s pretty easy to use and I was coding withing seconds of it being installed.

I highly recommend this program, for beginners anyway, it may look a little windows 97, but at least all the stuff you will need is there (compiler etc).

Now i can start using C at home and not have to rely on myself being at uni coding mundane code into the hours of the night.

Dev C++ is in beta at the moment, I downloaded Dev C++ version 4, which you can find here (scroll down for the latest stable version).

Linkage: http://www.bloodshed.net/devcpp.html


2 Responses to “Learning C with Dev C++”

  1. Justin Says:

    “Coding mundane code into the hours of the night”
    Don’t I know it, I was learning Java in Comp Sci and spent hours in the computer lab creating classes and objects, *shivers*
    I used/still use a program called Jcreator, it’s a really great program, which allows you to compile your program, as well as run Applets without having to embed them.

  2. sereybothsoft Says:

    it is so good with Dev c++!

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