Fake Wii Vid

Mike over on DB found this funny fake Wii video:

Nothing amazing, just something to chuckle at when your bored.

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Word Count Journal

OK, this one is most definitely one I have never herd of before. Word Count Journal.

I am guessing here that this is some kind of new blog provider, there wasn’t much information that the site was giving away but basically the main idea is you write one word on your first post, two words on your second etc, etc. Then by the end of the year you should have 66,795 words.

What happens if you miss a day you wonder? Well you can go back and add the entry for that missing day.

well one to look out for anyway.

Linkage: Word Count Journalhttp://register.wordcountjournal.com/

Rounded Cornr.com

RoundedCornr.com is a site that will generate rounded corners for your web site.

I guess this site is just one of the sites, jumping on the web 2.0 rounded corners band wagon. But you know what, it does actually work, there’s still a little fine tuning here and there I think needs to be addressed, but the site is easy to use, just choose the type of rounded corner you want, along with your colours and hey presto the site generates some HTML, CSS, and rounded corner images, that are easy to edit for say someone who isn’t all that knowledgeable with HTML and CSS.

Rounded Cornr does what it says on the tin. That’s what we want from a site right?

The site isn’t really that visually pleasing (pond algae green with blue, orange and several shades of purple…No!), but they can be forgiven because they are still in Beta.

Get rid of that Comic Sansy looking logo and dodgy pixelated rounded square thing you call a logo and you’ll be on the right track.

If your after the rounded corner look for your website you might want to check out the site – Rounded Cornr.

Linkage: Rounded Cornrhttp://www.roundedcornr.com/

Mac App A Day

MacAppADay.com is basically a free source for apps on a Mac. Throughout the rest of December the site will be giving away one application a day for free.

Once the download hits 5000 that’s it, its gone. To get an app all you need to do is visit the site everyday.

So if you have a Mac I would highly recommend you skiddadle on over there right now.

Linkage: macappaday.comhttp://www.macappaday.com/

Thanks to Kev on DB for drawing my attention to this site.

CSS Advisor and Adobe Spry framework

It’s going to be a busy day for Adobe, two more products released for beta today include CSS Advisor. A web based community. This community is designed to identify and resolve browser and CSS compatibility issues.

CSS Advisor Forum

Also released in Beta today is Adobe Spry framework, basically it is a JavaScript library that “allows designers to build pages that provide a richer experience for their users”.

The spry framework should be easy for users with little or basic HTML, JavaScript and CSS knowledge to implement into their existing sites. Should be a doddle then for more advanced users.

To see what’s so great about Spry you can check out the demo’s available on Adobes site. Some pretty amazing stuff there, I’m loving the China Gallery.Very Very lightbox.


CSS Advisor

Adobe Labshttp://labs.adobe.com/

Spry framework for Ajaxhttp://labs.adobe.com/technologies/spry/

Lightbox JShttp://www.huddletogether.com/projects/lightbox/

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta Release

Update: Adobe Photoshop CS3Beta has now been released: labs.adobe.com.

Adobe will be releasing the beta software of Photoshop CS3 in the early hours of this morning 15th of December (Pacific Standard Time).

The beta will be available on Macs, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The final release is set for Spring 2007, just in time for the new Mac OS X Leopard.

You can get the release on Adobe Labs.

Photoshop CS3 beta will include a pre release version of the next version of Adobe Bridge and a preview release of the new Device Central (to be able to test content and design for smaller smalls PDAs, Mobiles)

How do I get the beta?

Well Adobe have made it pretty easy for anyone on any platform to be able to get it, you need the serial number of an existing copy Adobe Photoshop CS2 or Adobe Creative Suite® 2 or Adobe Creative Suite Production Studio or Adobe Design Bundle or Adobe Web Bundle or Adobe Video Bundle. You must also register online at Adobe to be able to use the software.

So get on over to Adobe Labs now. You can view the press release here.



Adobe Labshttp://labs.adobe.com/

HTML Tutorial

I have put a tutorial covering the basics of HTML on my site www.twilight-town.co.uk in the tutorials part of the site.


Twilight Town

View the Tutorials Page

View the HTML Tutorial