Shuffle me pink or blue, or green or orange

Apple’s Ipod shuffle is now available in a new assortment of colours :Pink, blue, green and orange Nice, check them out!

Apple have also launched their ‘new’ “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” UK ads with those Mitchell and Webb comedian dude’s you can watch the ads on Apple’s site. I like the restarting one best.


ipod shuffle –

UK ads –

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53 CSS Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without

Smashing Magazine have put together a list of CSS Techniques that web designers and developers couldn’t live without, from Image Replacement, tabs, rounded corners, navigation, style switchers and so much more.

Check it out Smashing Magazine53 CSS Techniques you couldn’t live without.

Thanks go to Moody on DB for finding this.


PS3 European Release Date

Us Europeans finally have a release date for the Playstation 3. It will be released in the EU in March on Friday the 23rd.

The more expensive version (60GB) will be on the only available at the release at that time, with the less expensive version (20GB) available at a later date that has not been confirmed yet.

Each machine will cost £425 (day light robbery) in the UK or €599 in the rest of Europe. 30 titles will be available to buy on the release date, for the 1 million consoles that Sony said will be available for the European launch. So reserve yours now to avoid disappointment.

The New Look Google Image search

UPDATE: The old look Google Image Search has returned 

I just can’t make my mind up about the new look Google Image Search. It looks a little different with all the picture details now displayed on a hover over of the image.

It seems like there is just a bunch of white space waiting to be filled, makes it seems empty somehow.


I came across this site today MobuzzTV. A great site that offers lots of technology related news everyday.

The site is specially optimized for watching videos on your mobile phone, it’s also well presented, clearly spoken, well written and packed with loads of tech news. It’s also available in Spanish.

Check it out Mobuzz TV.


Web Coolness Calculator

How Cool Are you on the Web?

The Man in Blue has created this web coolness calculator, you can find it here. (nice little ajaxified action going on here too.)

I myself scored OK, well I got less than 20%. Is that a good or bad thing?

check it out: Web Coolness Calculator

Web Coolness Calculator

The Most Irritating Games in the World

I came across this site today Irritating Games, (mainly in french but there is some english translation, the games are pretty self explanatory though). It’s filled with what has to be the worlds most irritating games that are also highly addictive.

I swear my head was going to explode a few times, I recommend this game (try and keep the balls in the air for as long as possible) this one (a blurring maze) and this one  (a dancing Michael Jackson).


Irritating Games –