SoapBox and IdeaStorm

Microsoft have launched their version of YouTubeSoapBox. It’s still currently in beta, but is now available for all the public to use.

On first glance the site seems like it’s been web 2.0 ified, nice navigation and fits in with the rest of MSN. One nice feature is that you can watch videos while browsing others and also view details of the video while watching it.  It still needs a little bit of work obviously, it being in beta, and you need to sign up to personalise.

But do we really need another video sharing site? Google Video and YouTube seem to have pretty much wrapped it up, and Microsoft just seem to be playing catch up… again. Well decide for yourself at SoapBox.

Dell have also launched their version of DiggIdeaStorm. Basically IdeaStorm is an online community whereby it allows web users to communicate with the Dell ‘experts’. The user suggests new ideas, products and services that they would like to see from Dell.

It works like this: You post your idea, this then gives people the chance to ‘promote’ the idea (like Digging a story), then you discuss it with other users and the Dell ‘experts’. I like the site its easy to use and navigate and it looks nice. But I can’t see myself being a regular visitor. Come to think of it I don’t even think I own anything by Dell, not at the moment anyway.


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