Adobe Licenses

Update: Now Shipping!

The next Creative Suites from Adobe are here, for Windows and Mac’s, and they’re available to pre-order from your favourite online store.

You can view the content of the new packages, in a presentation that Adobe has put together, View Creative Licenses (I have listed them below):

  • Web Premium

    • Dreamweaver
    • Flash
    • Photoshop CS3 Extended
    • Illustrator CS3
    • Fireworks CS3
    • Contribute CS3
  • Design Premium
    • InDesign CS3
    • Photoshop CS3 Extended
    • Illustrator CS3
    • Flash CS3 Professional
    • Dreamweaver CS3
  • Production Premium
    • After Effects CS3 Professional
    • Adobe Premier Pro CS3
    • Photoshop CS3 Extended
    • Flash CS3 Professional
    • Illustrator CS3
    • Soundbooth CS3

I have to say what Adobe are putting together looks great. When Adobe merged with Macromedia a few years back, I had my doubts. Such as if Adobe buy out Macromedia where will the competition be? Will Adobe get rid of Dreamweaver (I couldn’t bare it) and stick with Go Live?

Now though, Adobe have merged the best packages from both companies. To me Web Premium seems like the perfect package. Photoshop and Fireworks and Dreamweaver PLUS Flash and Illustrator, that’s all I’ll ever need. Thank you Adobe.

Prices (all including VAT as listed on the Adobe Website):

  • Web Premium

UK Price: Full From – £1,404.12
Upgrade – £534.62
US Price: Full From – $1,559.00
Upgrade – $499.00

  • Design Premium

UK Price: Full From –  £1,655.58
Upgrade – £703.82

US Price: Full From – $1,799.00
Upgrade – $599.00

  • Production Premium 

UK Price: Full From –  £1,655.58
Upgrade – £703.82

US Price: Full From – $1,699.00
Upgrade – $799.00

  • Master Collection

UK Price: Full From – £2,313.58
Upgrade – £1,444.08

US Price: Full From – $2,499.00
Upgrade – $1,840.00


Adobe Store UK

Adobe Store US

Adobe Creative Licenses


Designer’s Block Has Moved

Just a quick post to say that The Desginers Block Forum that I plug from time to time has moves to a new location. Due to some issues, anyway the new URL is now:, check it out now.

Is your site blocked in China?

Mike over on DB found this great link, to check whether or not your site is available in China.

My domain, is available. What about yours?

Check your domain at Great Firewall of China.


Great Firewall of China

I’m not the only one who thinks they look similiar

Apple’s iPhone and  LG and Prada’s Phone. Lookie.

Yes I know this is old news.

Some Microsoft vs Apple stuff

Saw this posted on the the Playfool Blog from Darren Richardson, it’s a Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs short from Current TV, it’s quite funny: Watch Gates vs Jobs.

And saw funny comic strip this from the people at Joy of Tech. You might want to flick through some of the older strips as well if you’ve got nothing better to do.


courtesy of Richer from his Vivid Reflection Blog.

If you cannot see the whole image, you can right click on it and select view image.

Word Source

Word Source is a new online dictionary, that is incredibly easy to use. It’s similar to but with some obvious and notable differences.

The Dictionary is very easy to use. All you do is type in the word you are looking for in the text box provided or type the word at the end of the Word Source URL itself such as Very simple and very easy.

Word Source is also available straight in your browser with the available plugins. One for IE7 and the other for Firefox. In just one click you can install the plugin and you don’t even need to restart your browser.

If you sign up for a free account you can personalise Word Source, by uploading photos of yourself and telling other users about a specific word, such as the word welcome, currently 48 people like the word, 1 person dislikes it, and the word caused one person to fail an English test.

Click on the little speaker phone next to the word and you can hear it, this is a paid for feature in Not sure of a word? Type what you think it starts with in the box and you get a whole list of suggestions.

You can copy and paste the word using the handy, copy and paste feature that puts the word and its definition in a format you desire (text format, phpBB post format, MySpace format and more). There are also game available, Hangman and Jumble where you have to rearrange the letters to get another word.

I also notice that there are no ads on the site (which is a highlight). Though this looks like a feature they may add eventually as it does mention the use of third party advertising companies, in it’s privacy policy.

So try it out, Word Source.


Word Source