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Adobe Error Message: Licensing for this product has stopped working 148:3, for the solution read on.

Recently I have been having performance issues with my Sony Vaio (VGN CR42S), but I won’t go into too much about that now.

Anywho to help with my Sony Vaio issues I turned off some of the start up options in Windows Vista.

Having done this I must have turned off some licensing program that Adobe uses.

I then tried to open up Fireworks in Adobe CS4, but was greeted with an error message instead. See error picture below. I then realized that this error was showing on all of my Adobe products, which are all 100% legit and paid for, so you can assume I was pretty miffed.

The error itself doesn’t give you much detail, all it says is that the error is a licensing problem and tells you do is go to adobe support. I did this but after a while of searching I found no help, I also didn’t really have time to e-mail or call support for help, so I quickly did a search and found a solution to the problem.

Apparently there is some licensing program or whatever that deals with Adobe, so to get rid of that annoying error message, do the following:

  • go to the start menu,
  • type in msconfig and then press enter (if you get that security pop up just press continue)
  • the system configuration utility tool will open up,
  • click on the tab that says Services.
  • click on the manufacturer to get field heading to arrange all the options via manufacturer
  • the options should now appear starting with all the manufacturers starting from A.
  • click on the option that says: FLEXnet Licensing Service, by the Acresso Software Inc. Manufacturer
  • tick the box next to it (as it is probably unchecked) (see picture below)
  • press OK,
  • you will then need to restart your system for the changes to take effect
  • hey presto your Adobe Products should be working again

This was such an easy soltution the problem but took me a little while to find so I have posted this blog entry as reference for anyone else having issues with their Adobe Licensing.


CS3 Not Compatible with Leopard

It’s been revealed that some Creative Suite 3 Applications from Adobe may not be compatible with the next OS X from Apple, as Adobe have not yet received a final copy of the new OS.

The next Operating from Apple is set for release in October.

Adobe Live 2007 Review: Very short

Adobe held an event to showcase their new creative suite 3 products this week: Adobe Live. It was held at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. I attended today’s session ( Wednesday 6th of June).

This was a good event. The Demonstrations were well demonstrated, the hands on training were well taught. Adobe staff are highly enthusiastic about their company and products. And their enthusiasm for the products they were highlighting was infectious.

The only downside was that there were too many people, it seems the hands on training sessions were the most popular, it was based on a first come first served basis. Which meant if you weren’t among the first 20 or so people in the queue, you wouldn’t have been able to go along with the training session, and would have found yourself either sitting on the floor or watching from the sides. Where really you want to be involved and be following along with a computer.

Things I would say to look out for, and which I noticed were being highlighted a lot was the Apollo Application which enables you to build cross operating desktop applications (currently in Alpha). and also Flex (a nice little app that I was very impressed with, also open source so check it out), you can find these all at the Adobe Labs.

I recommend this event, it was free so great for those of us on a budget. If there is one in your area, definitely check it out!

Creative Suite 3 Video Tutorials

 Adobe have a nice selection of video tutorials on their website to highlighting what the Creative Suite 3 products can do.

The tutorials range from beginner to advanced and cover all the Creative Suite 3 applications that Adobe has just launched, from Dreamweaver CS3 , Photoshop/Extended CS3, Flash CS3, Illustrator CS3 and more.

Check it out, at the Adobe Design Centre.



Design Centre

Video Workshops for Creative Suite 3

Thanks got to JK on DB for the heads up about this.

Adobe Licenses

Update: Now Shipping!

The next Creative Suites from Adobe are here, for Windows and Mac’s, and they’re available to pre-order from your favourite online store.

You can view the content of the new packages, in a presentation that Adobe has put together, View Creative Licenses (I have listed them below):

  • Web Premium

    • Dreamweaver
    • Flash
    • Photoshop CS3 Extended
    • Illustrator CS3
    • Fireworks CS3
    • Contribute CS3
  • Design Premium
    • InDesign CS3
    • Photoshop CS3 Extended
    • Illustrator CS3
    • Flash CS3 Professional
    • Dreamweaver CS3
  • Production Premium
    • After Effects CS3 Professional
    • Adobe Premier Pro CS3
    • Photoshop CS3 Extended
    • Flash CS3 Professional
    • Illustrator CS3
    • Soundbooth CS3

I have to say what Adobe are putting together looks great. When Adobe merged with Macromedia a few years back, I had my doubts. Such as if Adobe buy out Macromedia where will the competition be? Will Adobe get rid of Dreamweaver (I couldn’t bare it) and stick with Go Live?

Now though, Adobe have merged the best packages from both companies. To me Web Premium seems like the perfect package. Photoshop and Fireworks and Dreamweaver PLUS Flash and Illustrator, that’s all I’ll ever need. Thank you Adobe.

Prices (all including VAT as listed on the Adobe Website):

  • Web Premium

UK Price: Full From – £1,404.12
Upgrade – £534.62
US Price: Full From – $1,559.00
Upgrade – $499.00

  • Design Premium

UK Price: Full From –  £1,655.58
Upgrade – £703.82

US Price: Full From – $1,799.00
Upgrade – $599.00

  • Production Premium 

UK Price: Full From –  £1,655.58
Upgrade – £703.82

US Price: Full From – $1,699.00
Upgrade – $799.00

  • Master Collection

UK Price: Full From – £2,313.58
Upgrade – £1,444.08

US Price: Full From – $2,499.00
Upgrade – $1,840.00


Adobe Store UK

Adobe Store US

Adobe Creative Licenses

CSS Advisor and Adobe Spry framework

It’s going to be a busy day for Adobe, two more products released for beta today include CSS Advisor. A web based community. This community is designed to identify and resolve browser and CSS compatibility issues.

CSS Advisor Forum

Also released in Beta today is Adobe Spry framework, basically it is a JavaScript library that “allows designers to build pages that provide a richer experience for their users”.

The spry framework should be easy for users with little or basic HTML, JavaScript and CSS knowledge to implement into their existing sites. Should be a doddle then for more advanced users.

To see what’s so great about Spry you can check out the demo’s available on Adobes site. Some pretty amazing stuff there, I’m loving the China Gallery.Very Very lightbox.


CSS Advisor

Adobe Labs

Spry framework for Ajax

Lightbox JS

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta Release

Update: Adobe Photoshop CS3Beta has now been released:

Adobe will be releasing the beta software of Photoshop CS3 in the early hours of this morning 15th of December (Pacific Standard Time).

The beta will be available on Macs, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The final release is set for Spring 2007, just in time for the new Mac OS X Leopard.

You can get the release on Adobe Labs.

Photoshop CS3 beta will include a pre release version of the next version of Adobe Bridge and a preview release of the new Device Central (to be able to test content and design for smaller smalls PDAs, Mobiles)

How do I get the beta?

Well Adobe have made it pretty easy for anyone on any platform to be able to get it, you need the serial number of an existing copy Adobe Photoshop CS2 or Adobe Creative Suite® 2 or Adobe Creative Suite Production Studio or Adobe Design Bundle or Adobe Web Bundle or Adobe Video Bundle. You must also register online at Adobe to be able to use the software.

So get on over to Adobe Labs now. You can view the press release here.



Adobe Labs