Still Free for the next 51 Days: not anymore

For the past 9 days Sitepoint have been giving away a free PDF copy of Build your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications by Patrick Lenz.

You can get it from the Sitepoint website. After clicking on a few links or so, but it’s worth it, check it out:


My Ruby Books Arrived

I got my Ruby on Rails books today, Agile Web Development with Rails and Rails Recipes, this will be the start of my rails journey lets see how much I get out of this.

CSS Comp with Good Prizes

Simon Collision of is running a competition, to promote  his forthcoming book, Beginning CSS Web Developement.

There are 3 main prizes:

  1. For the first prize winner, Simon Collision will create a set of templates (5) using XHTML and CSS, based on a design the user submits.
  2. Second prize winner will recieve one template based on the users design.
  3. Third prize winner will receive copies of CSS Mastery (excellent book!) and Blog Design Solutions (both books written partly by Simon Collision).

To win you just have to sign up to the mailing list at There is also a bonus prize for just linking to the website, using a banner where the winner will receive an iPod.

For all the details and terms and conditions of the competition go to

Recommendationds for books

I'm wanting to develop my web skills further by bringing my site up a notch, making it more intereactive etc, can anyone recommend some good Ajax books (or just general web 2.0 books). I prefer to learn via tutorials from a book with a step by step process. So any recommendations would be greatley appreciated.

As well as that some recommendations on design for websites, as my design skills are non existent. Currently I am just using Fireworks 8 to do my deisngs but they lack imagination!