Alice in Wonderland

The trailer for the upcoming film Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton is out next year, I’m not really a fan of the Disney version of the classic tale by Lewis Caroll, but I must say this version looks amazing, a treat for the eyes typical Tim Burton really.

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Of course the film stars Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Helen Bonham Carter as the Red Queen. As well as a host of other stars, inlcluding Alan Rickman, Stephen Fry, and Anne Hathaway. The role of Alice is played by Mia Wasikowska.

Alice in Wonderland Trailer

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Is Venom an alter ego of Spiderman?

So I just saw the trailer of Spiderman 3 and I am guessing, that the character Venom will be involved. Now is Venom a completely different character or is he infact Spiderman?

I remember watching the Spiderman cartoon series a few years back and if I recall Venom was some type of Alien Rock that attached itself to Spiderman and then intereferd in Spidermans mutation process (something like that). Then someone said to me that Venom was infact a completely different character. In the Spiderman 3 trailer Venom looked like the ‘dark side’ of Spiderman.

So, myself and my friends are now throughly confused, if anyone can clear this up it will be greatley appreciated.

My Lord of the Rings DVD’s finally came today

After much hassle with delivery (Parcel Force lost the first package) it finally came today, right on time. Im pretty chuffed I can’t wait to start watching them. I’ve seen the extended version of the films before but now I get to watch them whenever I want. Excellentae.

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Just Saw the Superman Retuns Trailer

It looks amazing, I am a huge Superman fan, but unfortunately it doesn’t come to the UK until July 14th.

You cna view the trailer, on their MySpace page here:

Store Wars

Star Wars with an organic twist! 


I watched this film calld Westworld last night.

Its set in the future where people can go to this futuristic amusment park and live out their fantasies in various parks but it all go's wrong when the machines start to go on a murderous rampage.

This film is well creepy, it was madei n 1973 and stars Yul Brenner (The King in the King and I) as this murderous machine that just wont quit trying to kill this guy. Just when you think you've gotten rid of him, he's back. This is a great film and i encourage people to see it if they get the chance.

House of Flying Daggers + Custom Sign

So I watched the film theother night and I was impressed.

It was a great film to look at, nice effects and action, but i feel the story lacked a bit too much of this and that. I feel the relationship between the three main characters was unbelievable. Especially when one of the men turned and tried to rape Mei. I think thats when the film started to lose it for me.

I came across this site today, where you can create free images, and such for example a Dummies book or a Simpsons fun, a few minutes of fun there, some of them are pretty useless but others are okay. So check it out here 

Here are a two of mine: