Great Looking Skins for your iPod

Skinizi offer some great skins for your iPod, check them out at

They feature rich vibrant designs for the 2nd generation iPod Nano and 5th gen iPod Video.


UK Apple Stores One Day Event

On Friday1st December all Apple stores in the UK will be putting on a one day event aimed at helping pick out the best Apple Gifts for Chrsitmas.

There will be live musical performances and DJ’s playing at every store, seems like a great opportunity and an excuse to get some great Apple stuff, I unfortunately will not be able to go as I will be at uni, then going straight to work.

But if anyone else is planning on going tell me about it when you’ve been.

Heres a list of all the UK stores:

  • London Brent Cross,
  • London Regent Street,
  • Birmingham Bullring,
  •  Kent Bluewater,
  • Manchester Arndale Centre,
  • Manchester Trafford Centre
  • Sheffield Meadowhall.

You can check out the details on the Apple UK site here.

I think my ipod is making me go deaf

I bought my ipod nano in february of this year (2006). Lately I have been having trouble with my right ear. It always seems to end up blocked, I stopped using my ipod for a time and it eventually cleared up, I then started using my ipod again after this and now my right ear has blocked up again. It doesn’t clear for a few days and when I touch it, it hurts.

I do not think there has been any research done to prove this, but I really do believe that mp3 players are making us go deaf. We will be a generation full of hearing problems because of the mp3’s and mobile phones.

Maybe it’s not the actual listening to music, maybe its more the headphones. The headphones that ship with ipods for example are the type of headphones that are being inserted into the ear as opposed to more comfortable headphones that just site on the ear. Maybe it would be worth investing in some headphones that do not go anywhere near my ear canal.
Or maybe it is the volume I listen to my music at, compared to my friend who listens to her ipod at full blast I play mine at whisper level.

Interesting Articles:

New Nano and Shuffle

UPDATE: The Gadget Show on channel five featured a review of the new ipod nano, comparing it with the Samsung YP-Z5 and the Sansa e260 from Sandisk, the new nano came out on top, ill try finding the actual review on video but for now you can read the review on the gadget show website.

So Apple have ‘remastered’ their Nano and shuffle ipods. Though some people may be pleased that the new Nanos come in several different colours now, I think they look kinda ugly, maybe its because I think that the ipod mini looked ugly. The shuffle looks kinda neat though, a nice little clip on mp3, very discrete I would assume. (Check out the nano gallery and shuffle gallery) I have to get down to my local Apple store and try these out.

It looks like the new ipod nanos will only come in (puke) green, pink, grey and blue on the 4GB Nano, the 2GB in grey and the 8GB in black (check out the specs).

Apple have also luacned itunes version 7 so don’t forget to check that out!

New ipod Shuffle


New ipod Nanos


Coke and I-tunes = free songs

Coke (the drink) will be giving away 70 million i-tunes songs in the UK as part of a promotion.

You need to get get a code from special packs of coca-cola and Diet Cola and then you can redeemd your free songs, its only five songs per person though.

Coke will also be launching a new music site with intergrated i-tunes based for users in the UK, Germany, Austria and Switezerland with the focus of the store being on new bands.

This seems like a pretty cool opportunity to get some free songs. You can read more about on

Thanks goes to MJB on Designers Block for finding out about this.

Itunes and Ipods shuffle settings are Crap!

I just had to write something about this, as it really drove me up the wall tonight.
The Shuffle on ITunes and on all IPods are unbelievably crap, when I put my music collection on shuffle, that means I want different songs to play from different bands and albums I do not want the songs to play in their defualt order from the same band all from the same freakin album. What the hell is up with this?

I like all the music in my music collection, but I do not want to listen to them in the same order constantly. Come on Apple, sort it out!

Nike + Apple

Nike and Apple will be collaborating on a new product. The Nike and I-pod Sports Kit.

Here's how it works:



if the pics to small you can view on the Apple site along with more info about the product.

The Sports Kit is set for release in late June with a retail price of $29 for the sports kit not the Nano.

I love my Nano, and I reckon this might be a good resource for people who like to run with their Nano, but to be honest I'm to scared of getting the damn thing nicked all the time. So the chances of me getting some Nike Shoes to go along with that are about nil.