Adobe Errors


Adobe Error Message: Licensing for this product has stopped working 148:3, for the solution read on.

Recently I have been having performance issues with my Sony Vaio (VGN CR42S), but I won’t go into too much about that now.

Anywho to help with my Sony Vaio issues I turned off some of the start up options in Windows Vista.

Having done this I must have turned off some licensing program that Adobe uses.

I then tried to open up Fireworks in Adobe CS4, but was greeted with an error message instead. See error picture below. I then realized that this error was showing on all of my Adobe products, which are all 100% legit and paid for, so you can assume I was pretty miffed.

The error itself doesn’t give you much detail, all it says is that the error is a licensing problem and tells you do is go to adobe support. I did this but after a while of searching I found no help, I also didn’t really have time to e-mail or call support for help, so I quickly did a search and found a solution to the problem.

Apparently there is some licensing program or whatever that deals with Adobe, so to get rid of that annoying error message, do the following:

  • go to the start menu,
  • type in msconfig and then press enter (if you get that security pop up just press continue)
  • the system configuration utility tool will open up,
  • click on the tab that says Services.
  • click on the manufacturer to get field heading to arrange all the options via manufacturer
  • the options should now appear starting with all the manufacturers starting from A.
  • click on the option that says: FLEXnet Licensing Service, by the Acresso Software Inc. Manufacturer
  • tick the box next to it (as it is probably unchecked) (see picture below)
  • press OK,
  • you will then need to restart your system for the changes to take effect
  • hey presto your Adobe Products should be working again

This was such an easy soltution the problem but took me a little while to find so I have posted this blog entry as reference for anyone else having issues with their Adobe Licensing.


Safari 3 Public Beta for Windows

For years now Mac users have been using the Apple Safari browser, as there choice for web surfing and other web related activities for years. I myself have used it when I happen to get the chance to fire up a Mac, which is not as often nowadays, anyway, Apple have released the public Beta of Safari 3 for Windows users.

Here’s a little of what Apple say that will make you lurvvvve safari:

“Blazing Performance, Safari is the fastest web browser on any platform.

Pop-up Blocking, Say goodbye to annoying pop-up ads and pop-under windows.

Elegant User Interface, Safari’s clean look lets you focus on the web — not your browser.

Security, Apple engineers designed Safari to be secure from day one.”

You can download the beta version of the browser, available for Microsoft’s Windows XP and Vista from Apple’s Downloads.


Apple Downloads

SoapBox and IdeaStorm

Microsoft have launched their version of YouTubeSoapBox. It’s still currently in beta, but is now available for all the public to use.

On first glance the site seems like it’s been web 2.0 ified, nice navigation and fits in with the rest of MSN. One nice feature is that you can watch videos while browsing others and also view details of the video while watching it.  It still needs a little bit of work obviously, it being in beta, and you need to sign up to personalise.

But do we really need another video sharing site? Google Video and YouTube seem to have pretty much wrapped it up, and Microsoft just seem to be playing catch up… again. Well decide for yourself at SoapBox.

Dell have also launched their version of DiggIdeaStorm. Basically IdeaStorm is an online community whereby it allows web users to communicate with the Dell ‘experts’. The user suggests new ideas, products and services that they would like to see from Dell.

It works like this: You post your idea, this then gives people the chance to ‘promote’ the idea (like Digging a story), then you discuss it with other users and the Dell ‘experts’. I like the site its easy to use and navigate and it looks nice. But I can’t see myself being a regular visitor. Come to think of it I don’t even think I own anything by Dell, not at the moment anyway.

Windows Vista Released

Microsoft have released their new operating system. Vista, the new OS is the upgrade from XP, this version of the OS has been in development for five years and has been plauged with some problems, but some remain hopeful that Vista will do well.

Vista will only be released to businesses as of today and come the new year will be released for private use.

Visit the Vista and Microsoft Homepages.

Internet Exporer 7 Released

Internet Explorer 7 has now been released.

You can get on microsoft’s site here. And you can read about the release on the IE Blog here.
Guess I better start designing my websites for IE7, actually I probably should have started doing that a few months back, oh well!

PC World have released the 101 Fabulous Freebies List

They can be found here: 101 Freebies List.

Playstation 3 Release Date set back to November

I just heard that the Playstation 3 release date has been put back till November, due to Sonys Blue Ray Disc having technical difficulties, you canread the sotry here on the BBC.

Persoanlly im gutted about this, i was looking forward to the PS3 cominng out this Spring. I guess Microsoft will be cheering!

I am also sick, in North London it is currently cold and wet, and i think there were some hailstones around lunchtime. I was wearing a pretty big jacket but im feeling a bit poorly.

Charging for my time

At college today people kept asking me to help them with their websites. I was supposed to be doing some design work for my own website but the pen barely touched the page as i heard my name being called across the room. I said to my friend i think i should start charging for my time, seriously i get more work done doing other peoples stuff.

Google is not freakin Yahoo

I should find out today wheter or not he idiots at my mums college know what they are doing yet concerning my mums email account. I swear if the same thing happenes that has been happenning for the past two weeks im gonna kill someone.

Wordpress is ticking me off

WordPress will not let me post, at all, if your reading this then it finally did, but its really starting to annoy me now!