Still Free for the next 51 Days: not anymore

For the past 9 days Sitepoint have been giving away a free PDF copy of Build your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications by Patrick Lenz.

You can get it from the Sitepoint website. After clicking on a few links or so, but it’s worth it, check it out:


New to Ruby? Go Here First!

So i’ve bought a book hoping to learn ruby and rails, but I got a little bored so I thought I would see what was available on the web.

I came across this site, tryruby, in your browser. It’s a series of short tutorials that lets you use ruby in your browser, I learnt a few basic functions in a matter of minutes, so I highly recommend it, check it out now.


The is hiring

Sound pretty cool. If your interested go to the website.

My Ruby Books Arrived

I got my Ruby on Rails books today, Agile Web Development with Rails and Rails Recipes, this will be the start of my rails journey lets see how much I get out of this.