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The Film Buzz offers the latest film trailers, reviews, previews and posters of new and upcoming film titles as well as some old one that they love. check it out now or check them out on Twitter or Facebook.

The Film Buzz is different from other Movie Review sites, they like to keep things short and sweet – simple, all film previews include a trailer with HD options, so check it out now.

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Battlestar Galactica Webisodes

For those of you having trouble wathcing the Battlestar Galactica webisodes on, then you can check them out on youtube, everytime i try to watch them on it says the video will not load. You can check out webisode 1 of the resistance here and webisode 2 here.

There will be further websidoes released at midnight on Tuesday and Thursday, up until series/season 3 of Galactica starts. So check them all out before then.


I watched this film calld Westworld last night.

Its set in the future where people can go to this futuristic amusment park and live out their fantasies in various parks but it all go's wrong when the machines start to go on a murderous rampage.

This film is well creepy, it was madei n 1973 and stars Yul Brenner (The King in the King and I) as this murderous machine that just wont quit trying to kill this guy. Just when you think you've gotten rid of him, he's back. This is a great film and i encourage people to see it if they get the chance.

Spiderman 3 – your thoughts

So i got a link for Spiderman 3 teaser site today:

Scrolll down if you cant see the menu and click on the 3 to got ot the main site. From what ive seen looks like its going to be good.

In this picture Spiderman is wearing a black and white suit, looks interesting.


I think that Venom will be Spideys enemy this time around, but i don't really know. Tell me what you think…

Here are some nice pictures of venom I found on this guys site.


 – Click to enlarge them

Nosfeartu aka Dracula

So for my Synoptic paper in June,for my Media Studies course i will
be writing about Science Fiction and Horror. So my media teacher gave
me Nosferatu, Dracula and the House of Dracula
to borrow on DVD. Now im not really into horror and things like that
apart from a few exceptions adn i really was not looking forward to
watching filmd that were made in the 1920’s and 30’s, but i was
pleasntly surprised.


This is a silent
movie made in Germany in 1922 by F W Murnau. Bascially Nosferatu
is Dracula, but Bram Stokers widow (the author of te dracula book) did
not grant Murnau the rights to Dracula, so what he did was use the
exact same story and ingeniously chaning the names.

film is an hour and a half in length and most defiently worth a watch.
At first i was a little put off by the grainy black and white footage
(nowadays were used to better HDTV and all!), but really this just made
the film more of a pleasure to watch. Obviously around this time film
was still rather like theatre, the actors in this film have to know how
to act as the story is bought across in their facial expressions and
actions. Sometimes they are somewhat over exaggerated, but this just
adds to the intensity of the film, for the hour and a half i was
sitting there watching it i was gripped.

Nowadays in horror
films we get all the special effects done with CGI (Computer Generated
Images) or prosthetics and lots of fake blood and it does look good,
but it just doesn’t compare with the old ways. I don’t even remember
even seeing a little bit of blood in this vampire film. The way fades
and wipes are used in the film are truly brilliant, i even found myself
asking how did they do that back then, without a program like Final Cut
Express or IMovie doing it all for you?

The film is rated a PG
(Parental Guidance), I don’t think they would have been able to cope
back then with films like Saw, Blade or 28 Days Later, and my little
sister (who is 8) was freaking out, the music and the tension in the
film just add to the suspense of it all. For something so simple it
works brilliantly.


This film is not a silent
movie, thank goodness, though I enjoyed Nosferatu, I do need to hear
things. Anyway this film was also quality, Bela Lagosi, who plays
Dracula in this movie is pure class, i can see why people still see him
today as ‘the’ Dracula. The guy was just plain scary.

in this film you didn’t see any blood and the bats were obviously
puppets with strings. When I saw them i did laugh out loud! But
the story is a good one and it was bought across well in the film.
Personally I think the editing is a bit dodgy as it jumps from scene to
scene, but we can forgive and forget as it doesn’t detract too much
from the film.

But I really did enjoy this film and i would most definetly recommend them to people, Horror has found a new fan!

Here are some poster images of the films Nosferatu and Dracula:

Invasion of the Body Snatchers!

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

So basically our media studies teacher gave us a lecture about us wathcing films for our exam coming up, so i borrowed the DVD invasion of the body snatchers. I put it in my DVD player and it comes up with a regin code error, so then i put it in my PC, but then i remember thats not working at the moment, so i then put it in my laptop and hey another region error. i am so flippen annoyed, because i am the only one in the whole class who could actually be bothered to do what our teacher said, and now i can’t even watcht eh damn thing.

Well at least i learnt today that it is possible to change the region that your DVD player plays on your computer. Mine is obviously set to region 2 (for europe). But i didnt want to change it to region 1 because, (1) you can only change the region 4 times! Why? I dont know, if you do please tell me me why and (2) i would only be watching this one film from a different region, i will then have to change it back to region 2, so it can play all my other DVD’s, (3) So if i did change it to region 1 then and back again that would be using up half the amount of times i can change it….blash blah…do you get what i mean
So really whats the point?!

Star Wars figurines

Bad News: The millennium falcon has flown deep into space –> its gone in the bin! as well as the fighter pilot plane.

Good News: Luke Skywalker is still around and instead i found 2 old bat mobiles and a penguin character from batman.

If you want to know what on earth im talking about then read my previou spost on star wars figurines here. oh and i currently have no digital camera, it seems to have gone walkies.

 I-Pod battery test

I am still doing this but i had to stop doing the test beacuse well i forgot to count how long i was leaving the i-pod on for, so im gonna have to do that again sometime this week.

Also my friend got a Xanga blog. But she wants it to look nice, i said i would have a look at it for her and change a few things, but i dont really have that much knowledge of Xanga, so if anyone know of any good tuts please send them my way thanks.

Vitamin Update

I do actually think that the vitamins i have been taking are starting to work, i dont feel as tired as i usually do when i come home from college, so im gonna keep taking them and hopefully this will mean a brand new ALERT Maz.

Well my ipod nano sucks… + Star Wars old figurines i found

I mean the battery life, so far i havent got a scratch on it and i’ve had it for exactly a week now.

The battery only lasts for what is an estimation 4 hours, maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less so i am now going to implment my test. The flippen thing is currently charging, hopefully it wont take too long to do that. So i will leave it charging, go and watch ER! And then tomorrow i will leave it on and see how long it lasts for, which is gonna be hard coz i got college tomorrow and i need to start actually working and listening so that i can pass my exams in the summer. Oh and that reminds me our A2 and AS resits module results come out this thursday, im slightly nervous but not thta bothered with it as i know i will have failed, but even if i do not get the grades i need i will not be resitting, no matter how many times he (my sociology teacher) tells me too.

College isnt really fun anymore, i had enough of it…so i have decided i may not go to university either, well i’ll see how i feel about it in 3 months when college is out FOREVER! i really will be singing and dancing on that day! 😀

Star Wars Figurines

Plus in my house there are some great toys that my brother got from when Star Wars was really big when it came out, there is a Darth Vader a Luke Skywalker, one of those ships that the good people fly in and the millennium vulcan, i will nick my brothers camera tomorrow if he can actually get off the PC and out into the real world and take a piccie of it. They are a bit battered and bruised but they still look like they supposed too.

Well now im off to watch ER, it looks like its gonna be a cruddy episode becasue of those really annoying Neela and Gallant love storylines. They are so predictable! At least CSI will be on tomorrow.

Oh and I watched the last ever episode of Enterprise yesterday. It was brilliant, i will be sad now that its gone, isnt it weird that when a show comes to an end the episodes get better, and as well as that i watched the last in the series of Stargate SG 1 series 8. Can’t wait for series nine, i keep having to try and control my self from going over to and reading what happens. Though i think i have a pretty good idea…

So much to say tonight i cant get it out quick enough, so im gonna save some for tomorrow.