The Film Buzz

There’s a new Film Blog in town, it’s called The Film Buzz and you can locate them by pointing your address bar towards

The Film

The Film Buzz offers the latest film trailers, reviews, previews and posters of new and upcoming film titles as well as some old one that they love. check it out now or check them out on Twitter or Facebook.

The Film Buzz is different from other Movie Review sites, they like to keep things short and sweet – simple, all film previews include a trailer with HD options, so check it out now.

Just so we’re clear the web address is:


Free CSS Shopping Cart Update

You may remember my post about back in March. Well they have updated their site and are asking for people to take part in a survey.
The link isn't there yet but it should be in a few hours hopefully.

The survey will be made up of 12 questions and this is survey 1 of 10 before they launch.

Edit: The link is there now, and the next update will be on the 18th of April, if you signed up  on the site, to be updates you will automatically get an email, telling you about it. 

House of Flying Daggers + Custom Sign

So I watched the film theother night and I was impressed.

It was a great film to look at, nice effects and action, but i feel the story lacked a bit too much of this and that. I feel the relationship between the three main characters was unbelievable. Especially when one of the men turned and tried to rape Mei. I think thats when the film started to lose it for me.

I came across this site today, where you can create free images, and such for example a Dummies book or a Simpsons fun, a few minutes of fun there, some of them are pretty useless but others are okay. So check it out here 

Here are a two of mine: