The Film Buzz

There’s a new Film Blog in town, it’s called The Film Buzz and you can locate them by pointing your address bar towards

The Film

The Film Buzz offers the latest film trailers, reviews, previews and posters of new and upcoming film titles as well as some old one that they love. check it out now or check them out on Twitter or Facebook.

The Film Buzz is different from other Movie Review sites, they like to keep things short and sweet – simple, all film previews include a trailer with HD options, so check it out now.

Just so we’re clear the web address is:


Adobe Licenses

Update: Now Shipping!

The next Creative Suites from Adobe are here, for Windows and Mac’s, and they’re available to pre-order from your favourite online store.

You can view the content of the new packages, in a presentation that Adobe has put together, View Creative Licenses (I have listed them below):

  • Web Premium

    • Dreamweaver
    • Flash
    • Photoshop CS3 Extended
    • Illustrator CS3
    • Fireworks CS3
    • Contribute CS3
  • Design Premium
    • InDesign CS3
    • Photoshop CS3 Extended
    • Illustrator CS3
    • Flash CS3 Professional
    • Dreamweaver CS3
  • Production Premium
    • After Effects CS3 Professional
    • Adobe Premier Pro CS3
    • Photoshop CS3 Extended
    • Flash CS3 Professional
    • Illustrator CS3
    • Soundbooth CS3

I have to say what Adobe are putting together looks great. When Adobe merged with Macromedia a few years back, I had my doubts. Such as if Adobe buy out Macromedia where will the competition be? Will Adobe get rid of Dreamweaver (I couldn’t bare it) and stick with Go Live?

Now though, Adobe have merged the best packages from both companies. To me Web Premium seems like the perfect package. Photoshop and Fireworks and Dreamweaver PLUS Flash and Illustrator, that’s all I’ll ever need. Thank you Adobe.

Prices (all including VAT as listed on the Adobe Website):

  • Web Premium

UK Price: Full From – £1,404.12
Upgrade – £534.62
US Price: Full From – $1,559.00
Upgrade – $499.00

  • Design Premium

UK Price: Full From –  £1,655.58
Upgrade – £703.82

US Price: Full From – $1,799.00
Upgrade – $599.00

  • Production Premium 

UK Price: Full From –  £1,655.58
Upgrade – £703.82

US Price: Full From – $1,699.00
Upgrade – $799.00

  • Master Collection

UK Price: Full From – £2,313.58
Upgrade – £1,444.08

US Price: Full From – $2,499.00
Upgrade – $1,840.00


Adobe Store UK

Adobe Store US

Adobe Creative Licenses

HTML Utopia, sample chapters

You can view some sample chapters from Rachel Andrews revised book HTML Utopia: Designing without Tables using css 2nd edition.

view sample chapters (this is a pdf document).

I never read the first book, so i thought id have a quick peek at this book to see what it offers. Shiny on DB doesnt seem to like it. Well you can make up your own mind.

Designers Block have launched A CSS Sandbox Competition.

Every month Designers Block will be accepting entries from forum memebers, and all you have to do is create a design using CSS.

At the end of every month the forum moderators will choose a design and display it on Designers Block.

This is a competition where you edit the css file to your own design.

Designers Block Sandbox is a little different though. You can also edit the HTML as well as the CSS.

This is all inspired by CSS Zen Garden, but unlinke CSS Zen Garden (CZG), your chances are increased of getting your work noticed. Purely becasue the CZG has a load of entries.

To enter all you have to do is go to the CSS Sandbox Competition page on Designers Block, read the rules, save the html file and join the forum. Then get designing. The competition is open to all people of all ages. So have fun.

If you have any questions, just post a comment below or visit the Designers Block Forum.

Im off to work out a design that im going to enter for the competition. 🙂 I never win anything!

The Ajax Based OS

Linspire is preparing a new Linux-based operating system that uses AJAX as the interface for all of its applications and documents.

"The value of ajaxOS is that it is AJAX-aware, so any compatible file will be recognized by AJAX applications.
Double-clicking on any known file type will launch an AJAX application to edit the document. All of this is available now, except this also means any browser that can support AJAX can also support these applications."

Linspire will also be offering onlien storage called a locker, so files can be saved and you can also listen to MP3's.

Want more go here and thanks to MJB for pointing this out on the DB forums.

Dreamweaver 8 Update

For those of you that don't know yet, a Dreamweaver 8 Update was released today.


Designers goes Live

Today the Designers Block Site went live. Its a site for web developers and designers of all skill levels and all ages.

You can read articles and submit your own news if you feel like it. At the moment though the forum is the sites greatest asset. With currently over 8000 articles and just over 100 members.

Who's Behind The Block?

"The history of DB is a short and fairly simple one.

Highbury Publications used to publish a web design magazine called Web Designer. The forum that supported the mag was called Total-Web-Design and is where a lot of designers helped each other out.

Late last year there was news that Highbury were in trouble and would potentially go bust. Not wanting to see a good community disappear a few of us decided to create designers block as a way for everyone to stay in touch and keep the spirit of the old forum alive.

In just over a month of being online we have attracted a 100 users and amassed over 8000 posts (some of them are even useful), so we see the forum as a fantastic success.

Now we have decided to make the site much more. Our goal is to provide tutorials, thought provoking articles on design and interviews with web designers to make the site a worthy bookmark for designers everywhere.

And, if you wish, you can help. The web is an interactive medium, sites cannot thrive in a vacuum. Which is why we are looking for ideas and contributions to tutorials, articles and designer showcases. Simply, sign up to the forum and make a suggestion, if it gets enough approval, we know we are onto a winner."

So why don't you pop in and introduce yourself to the forum, mingle with the members, find out some answer to a particular nagging question (web design related), or join in with the Friday Night Drunken threads we will be glad to see you.