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There’s a new Film Blog in town, it’s called The Film Buzz and you can locate them by pointing your address bar towards

The Film

The Film Buzz offers the latest film trailers, reviews, previews and posters of new and upcoming film titles as well as some old one that they love. check it out now or check them out on Twitter or Facebook.

The Film Buzz is different from other Movie Review sites, they like to keep things short and sweet – simple, all film previews include a trailer with HD options, so check it out now.

Just so we’re clear the web address is:


My site, is offline until I have time again to update it. It was on hiatus for far too long, so it’s gonna stay offline until I leave university probably. Shame.

Still Free for the next 51 Days: not anymore

For the past 9 days Sitepoint have been giving away a free PDF copy of Build your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications by Patrick Lenz.

You can get it from the Sitepoint website. After clicking on a few links or so, but it’s worth it, check it out:

Adobe Live 2007 Review: Very short

Adobe held an event to showcase their new creative suite 3 products this week: Adobe Live. It was held at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. I attended today’s session ( Wednesday 6th of June).

This was a good event. The Demonstrations were well demonstrated, the hands on training were well taught. Adobe staff are highly enthusiastic about their company and products. And their enthusiasm for the products they were highlighting was infectious.

The only downside was that there were too many people, it seems the hands on training sessions were the most popular, it was based on a first come first served basis. Which meant if you weren’t among the first 20 or so people in the queue, you wouldn’t have been able to go along with the training session, and would have found yourself either sitting on the floor or watching from the sides. Where really you want to be involved and be following along with a computer.

Things I would say to look out for, and which I noticed were being highlighted a lot was the Apollo Application which enables you to build cross operating desktop applications (currently in Alpha). and also Flex (a nice little app that I was very impressed with, also open source so check it out), you can find these all at the Adobe Labs.

I recommend this event, it was free so great for those of us on a budget. If there is one in your area, definitely check it out!

Design Tips and Coding Ideas from Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine has released pdf versions of their articles: 35 designers x 5 questions and 70 Expert Ideas for Better CSS Coding for free, for download on their blog, here. Check it out!

Creative Suite 3 Video Tutorials

 Adobe have a nice selection of video tutorials on their website to highlighting what the Creative Suite 3 products can do.

The tutorials range from beginner to advanced and cover all the Creative Suite 3 applications that Adobe has just launched, from Dreamweaver CS3 , Photoshop/Extended CS3, Flash CS3, Illustrator CS3 and more.

Check it out, at the Adobe Design Centre.



Design Centre

Video Workshops for Creative Suite 3

Thanks got to JK on DB for the heads up about this.

Designer’s Block Has Moved

Just a quick post to say that The Desginers Block Forum that I plug from time to time has moves to a new location. Due to some issues, anyway the new URL is now:, check it out now.